1920s Radio Show

     In 1895 Guglielmo Marconi invented a sound transmitter that was the basis for the radio.  Called a "wireless" because it transmitted messages without using wires, the radio provided Americans with hours of news and entertainment.  Remember, televisions were not in American homes yet.  In the fall of 1920, The Westinghouse Company made home receivers and sold them in quantities.

     The radio soon changed the way Americans lived.  No matter where you lived in the United States, you listened to the same programs.  This drew Americans closer.


     Your assigment is to write and record a short radio show in the style of a 1920s radio show.   Your radio show needs to include all the elements of a real 1920s radio show.  The elements are as follows:



sponsor/commercial in the beginning


actual show with sound effects

sponsor/commerical at the end







Has all the necessary elements       25 pts.


Sound effects enhance the story    15 pts.


Radio show feels like the 1920s     10 pts.


                                         Total 50 pts.




Listen to radio shows



1920s Commercials



1920s slang



Names from the 1920s



Sound Effects