The Greek Olympics Simulation

Welcome Olympians!  Your team will be participating in a simulation of the original Greek Olympics.  The Olympics were so important to the ancient Greeks that wars were stopped to allow participants to attend.  


You are all Greek.  Even though you all speak the same language, believe in the same gods, and share a rich Greek heritage, you refer to yourself as a citizen of your city-state.  Each city-state was a separate political unit in ancient Greece, with its own customs and laws.


By now, you have been placed on a team and assigned a city-state to which you are fiercely loyal.  For the next week we will be preparing for and participating in many challenging events.  Winners of each event will have the honor of attaching bows to their pennants.  The team with the most bows will be able to wear the coveted laurel wreaths.  Here is what you need to do:


1.  Read your profile of your Greek City-State, and discuss it with your team.

xxiiRemember, even though you are Greek, your first loyalty is still to your city-xxiistate.


2.  Create a pennant (flag) to represent your team.  You will also need to write a xxxpledge or cheer for your team to be recited at the opening of the Olympics.  


3.  Practice your Olympic Tongue Twisters.  You never know which one your team xxiiwill have to recite.


4.  Choose which team member will be participating in each of the following events:


Olympic Tongue Twisters


Ball in a Basket

Art Recognition

Music Appreciation





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