A Presidential Project

     We have spent a great deal of time studying the presidents of the 20th and 21st centuries.  But how do you become president?  Do you have to go to school for it?  If I became president, what would my jobs be? 

     Your assignment is to create a Google Slide presentation with your partner/group that will explore these questions.  In your presentation you must include the following:


  • What are the requirements for becoming President of the United States as laid out in the Constitution?

  • What are the specific powers granted to the President by the Constitution?  Make sure to name and explain them in detail.

  • How is the President's power kept under control?

  • At least 10 slides (not including your title slide, Works Cited slide, or quiz)

  • Background theme that makes the slides in your presentation look like they belong together

  • Colors and images appropriate to the topic of the presentation that enhance the understanding of the content on the slide

  • Font styles and sizes that are easy to read

  • Works Cited page

  • A 5 question quiz for your classmates to take at the end of your presentation