The Middle Ages Project

xxxThe Middle Ages began with the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Roman Catholic Church.  This period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.  The Middle Ages are best remembered for crusades and kings, knights and chivalry, and feudalism.  


xxxDuring this authentic assessment, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned from our studies of the medieval period, and also to learn what it was like to live during this time.


xxxAfter carefully choosing a partner you will easily be able to work with after school, you may choose to describe a day in the life of a knight, page, squire, serf, king, priest, minstrel, noble man or woman, or what daily life in a castle was like during the Middle Ages.




A.  Research the duties, home, food, clothes, and entertainment of a xxiknight, page, squire, serf, king, priest, minstrel or noble man or xxiwoman.




B.  Research life in a castle.  Choose what type of castle to research.  xxWhat were the parts of a castle?  What was done in each part?  xxWho did these things?  Describe what went on during an entire xxiday in the castle, and who did these things and where they

xxidid them.


Once you and your partner have made this choice, here are the steps you will need to follow:


xx1.  While you are researching, keep track of your sources.  You xxixximust have at least 3, one of which must be from a reference xixxixbook.  They will be written in MLA format and placed at the end

        of your Google Slides presentation.


xx2.  You will create a Google Slides presentation on your subject 

        which must meet the criteria of the rubric given to you.


xx3.  You will create a model.  If you are researching a castle, you xxxxiiwill make a model of your castle.  If you are researching a xxxxiiperson, you will either create the clothing for your person, or a xxxxiimodel of their home, church, or town.  Each model must meet xxxxiithe criteria of the rubric given to you.


   4.  Create a costume from the correct time period to wear at our

        medieval banquet.  You may use appropriate items from OCS      

        costumes or create your own.

xx5.  Research and make a period dish to eat at our medieval xxxxiibanquet.  During the banquet we will all dress in period clothes  xxxxiand watch our documentaries.