The Roman Empire

Even though Rome began as a small city in Italy, it was able to grow through force and violence until it united Italy and much of the known world.

To learn more about the Romans and to demonstrate what you have learned, we will be having a Roman Day.  During the Roman Day project, you will be exploring the people and culture of ancient Rome.  This project will be used as the assessment for chapter 9.


With your partner, select one of the areas below to focus your studies on. Only one group may work on each topic.


xxxxx 1. Weddings, marriages, and divorces


​XXXXX2. Baths

         3. Gladiators and chariot races

         4. Structure of the family, home life

         5. Centurions and the army

         6. Social classes

After you chose your area of study, use the links listed on this page to collect information with your partner.


Create a Google Slides presentation on your topic, which meets the criteria outlined on this rubric.



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