World War II Project

     You will be selecting a country with a partner.  You will then create a GoogleSlide presentation of your country that is well organized, uses relevent pictures, and lists information using bullet points.  Don't forget to cite your sources.  You must cover the following:


  • Name, map, and flag of your country

  • Your country's purpose for entering the war

  • Alliance you belong to and who are your allies

  • Name of the leader of your country

  • The uniforms of your military-name parts

  • The weapons carried by your soldiers

  • New weapons or equipment your country developed

  • The affect of the war on your people (civilians)

  • The amount of money the war cost your country

  • Total number of deaths during the war for your country

  • Tell whether your side won or lost the war and what shape was your country in after the war.  Did you need help rebuilding or were you the helper?


     Next you will create some sort of model to use during your presentation.  Your model must be related to World War II and your country.  Items include but are not limited to:


  • weapons

  • helmets or another piece of uniform

  • a model of a piece of equipment -- tank, plane, jeep, etc.

  • famous battle laid out on poster/foam board


     Find a recipe for a dish that would have been served in your country during World War II.  Be careful!  Food was rationed.  You may have limited ingredients to work with, or you will need to explain on a card why this dish would have been a special treat.  You will prepare your dish on the last day of the simulation.  The countries will sit down and "break bread" with one another as a symbol of peace.





Weapons and equipment




civilian life


soldier's rations